Muslims, why do you think that.....?

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Muslims, why do you think that.....?

Post  JashimChando on Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:18 am

people can't be Muslim and gay? I found that statement ridiculous.

I'm sorry if I sound boastful and a bit generalising in my statements. I was born a Muslim, lived in a Muslim family and society (Islamic country), went to Islamic Schools (We don't call them Madrasah here) and all my life, I was taught that Islam was my life and seriously, I do love Islam. I was indoctrinated with Islam ever since I'm small and I learnt them at school. I can say that I have a firm understanding of what Islam is.

To be a Muslim, you must profess the Syahada, in which, us Muslims, have been doing that at least 9 times a day (If we pray). To be a Muslim also means to have Iman (Faith in Allah), in which you believe in Allah (His 99 names and 20 characteristics), the angels (Especially the eleven angels such as Jibril [Gabriel], Mikael [Michael] etc.), the scriptures (Zaboor, Taurat, Injeel, Quran), the prophets/rasools (Adam, Idris, Ibrahim, Isa, Muhammad), the end of the world (The Qiyamah) as well as the Qada' and Qadar (Believing that Allah has decided what happened to the world, fate of people has already been decided by Allah at birth etc.)
To know better, check Akidah/Articles of Faith.

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